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above: Looking Through the Window - 4x6 oil on canvas - Martin Dull 2008 


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 1/  Walk Outside - click on address

Ted Clancy and John Dull circa 1980's


2. "In the Pines" - Leadbelly classic - performed by Martin Dull - audience video - click or place in browser



 "Fickle Man Blues" - Ted Clancy and John Dull - circa 1980's


  4.  "God of Abraham" - a measured response to 9/11 and the 9/11 aftermath - click or place in browser


Video Commentaries:

"Walk Outside" -

Walk Outside is a musical expression of love lost


In the Pines:

Leadbelly's classic has been cut by several artists including Kurt Cobain. Martin Dull interprets the blues song and is captured by an audience member at the Congregational Church venue. It was posted on you-tube unbeknownst to Martin - so it was grabbed it for you here. 


Fickle Man Blues

After hearing "Fickle Man Blues," one of the great folk mentors told me not to play the song - that it "wasn't becoming of" me. The song sat on the shelf for many years. Only when Martin and I cut the Out of Balance album, did it make sense to resurrect the song because the album juxtaposed songs of personal and world imbalance.

Fickle Man Blues is an angry, mean and vain song that shows inner struggle and pain. It was appropriate for Out of Balance.         JD

God of Abraham: 

A vast array of songs poured out of the folk community immediately after 9/11. The emotions so strong – it stimulated the collective subconscious. Some songs came later – like Paxton’s “The Bravest.”

“God of Abraham” came still later – it was a delayed and measured response to the events and aftermath of 9/11. The song brewed for months and then came suddenly. Video by Fred Dammers of DVP Studios. Taken at a benefit concert in The Congregational Church – a beautiful venue that has been visited by several folk artists.

The three monotheistic religions were born out of the transcendental vision of prophet and mystic, Abraham. Seems ludicrous that folks are killing eachother supposedly because of interpretations of that singular vision. When will we ever learn?