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MISSION STATEMENT: To be a platform for progressive positive change. DULL MUSIC EXCITES!!! 


JMH DULL PRODUCTIONS: 1. Produces acoustic concerts in metro NY/NJ venues - (credits: Emmylou Harris; Pete Seeger; Odetta; Peter, Paul and Mary; Floyd Vivino (Uncle Floyd); Richie Havens; Tom Chapin; Tom Paxton; Melanie; Eric Andersen; The Oak Ridge Boys)

2. Produces an ongoing house concert series in support of the regional acoustic scene

3. Produces and markets an organization fundraising concert series, "Uncle Floyd/ John Dull and Friends"

4. Supports the singer-songwriter/artistic careers of Martin and John Dull

5. Publishes the "Dull Times," and "fresh thoughts" - folk commentary and schedule

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Helen Dull is the co-owner/manager of JMH Dull Productions. She keeps things organized in a frenetic atmosphere of art and business.

A teacher for fifteen years in a previous career, she honed there, the skills to keep the business on track and organized. She has particular interest in peace studies and is well read on topics relating to non-violent resistance and civil rights issues. These philosophies are injected into the business.

Helen comes from an activist background. Her family line procedes from a number of plumbing business owners in Jersey City, NJ, and her family has been active in peace and justice issues for decades.



purchase Martin's garage demo at: "our store" on this site

Martin Dull is a 27 year old singer/songwriter whose style is best described as "indie-acoustic." Martin's work appeals to folks who are eager to explore new acoustic trends.

His first album,"Patent Pending," received strong review, the subject of a full page cover article in The Sunday Bergen Record Entertainment section, one of NJ's leading newspapers. It is a self produced garage band cellar demo.

Following release of the album, the artist toured the east coast with 15 stops from Nashville to D.C. to NYC promoting. Part of the promotion included appearances with Tom Chapin and Floyd Vivino.

Martin holds a a Fine Arts degree from Marywood University, a major in Painting. His paintings are often displayed at gigs. He is currently enrolled full-time in the MFA program of the Studio School in NYC.

Young adults particularly relate to the musician's exciting new edge. Older folks get a picture of present trends from a talented singer/songwriter.


(soundbytes and CD visuals:

purchase at "our store" on this site

Of John's album, "Long Road to Home," Tom Paxton wrote, "I listen to hundreds of albums each year. John's stands out as one of the best. His songs find their way into your head and into your heart." 

As a performer, the singer/songwriter has appeared with many prime mentors of the folk community - most notably: Tom Paxton; Pete Seeger and Emmylou Harris.

Credits include: The Harry Chapin Memorial Concert in Town Hall, NYC; frequent appearances on the Joe Franklin national late night UPN-TV interview hour; The American Football Coaches Association conventions in Los Angeles and Nashville; and club, concert hall, school, convention, radio, and cable TV dates in the metro NY/NJ area.

John's originals are have been highlighted on Bob Sherman's "Woody's Children," the longest running folk radio show in the U.S. now airing on WFUV 90.7 fm NY. The artist has also been a frequent performance guest on WFDU 89.1 fm folk radio, NJ.

Albums are available on the internet at this site with sound clips and visuals. Refer to "Our Store"

Album #3,"Out of Balance," was released in early 2008, partnering with Martin Dull.

A former high school and college football player and coach, John's artistic perspective is multi-layered. Communication ability in the Russian language adds dimension to performance, as his repertoire includes traditional Russian folk tunes. He is known for sincerity and depth in presentation and for writing incisive and compelling lyrics.