JMH Dull Productions

The Uncle Floyd / John Dull and Friends Show

Book this show at the "contact" button (left). Electrify your organization's fundraising program with a sellout energy-kickin' show! "AN EVENING of OUTLANDISH CHUCKLES and THOUGHTFUL FOLK PROVOCATION!!!" Pack your hall with spirit-filled supporters, and profit on sell out gate receipts, sponsorship, and an easy-sell booster ad booklet. Pack the local punch with professional advertising that highlights your program.

Just e-mail requested dates and particulars from the "contact" button on the main menu. Leave name, phone, times and places for a return call,and you'll receive prompt response!

This show has appeared 30+ times in theatres, schools and halls in the NJ-NY metro area!

Billed as "An evening of outlandish chuckles and thoughtful folk provocation"; former participants have included: Tom Chapin; Oscar Brand; Peter Yarrow; Tom Paxton; Loretta Hagen; Spook Handy; Nenad Bach; Terence Martin; Mike Power; Scott and Leslie: Driscoll and Smith, Dan O'Dea, Alex Zetelski, Ted Clancy, the Dull Music Band, Bethany and Rufus, Mara Levine, RJ Storm and Old School, Dave Rimelis and more.

The infamous Uncle Floyd (Floyd Vivino) who hosted NJ's longest running cable TV show, is considered NJ's top bananna in stand-up comedy. Refer to his wiki website for details of an incredible long-running history of vaudeville piano, crazy characters, and comedy:

He'll tickle your heart while he tickles the keys.