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2/  Martin Dull summer art exhibition schedule:

July 24 - Studio School of Sculpture, Drawing and Painting Alumni Show  -  gallery becomes available to the public - available to public until Aug 21 - Dull has 2 pieces in this juried show which includes nationally known artists - 8 west 8th St., NYC  
July 27  -  6 to 8 pm -  opening gala and wine and cheese reception - Studio School Alumni Show - 8 west 8th St., NYC  
August 12 -  20th Year Art Auction and Gala at the Golden Foundation - New Berlin NY -  4:30 to  8:30 pm (Dull donated a piece that will be offered in the auction) - entrance fee $45
August 25-August 27  - Martin will have work included in a pop-up exhibition with 10 other artists titled "Material Matters" at Peninsula Gallery in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY. It will take place Friday, August 25th through Sunday, August 27th.
Stay tuned for more ---- in process

Martin Dull, working artist, was recently interviewed by commentator Chris Barrows for the professional podcast, "Why I Social." It's a fun interview about the artist's personal and professional life in the visual arts.
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A huge thank you to Chris Barrows for this interview.
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Martin Dull, MFA, is currently Painting Technician at the New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture and was selected as teaching assistant for Graham Nickson's 2017 Spring Drawing Marathon.

The artist is also co-producer of a series of lectures that analyze music, art, and the neuropsychology of transcendence which debuted at Fordham University in 2016. 

He is the 2015 recipient of the Peter Rippon / Royal Academy European Travel Grant and finished a four week residency with the Golden Foundation in June of 2016. He will be included in the 2017 MIP Exhibition at the Sam and Adele Golden Gallery in New Berlin, NY this April.

Martin Dull maintains a studio practice in Brooklyn, NYC.