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Who am I to challenge you?

Who am I to challenge you?

If you can get off your high horse and climb on to my high horse for a few minutes, continue here. And if you dare take a shot at a commoner's wisdom, please read on.

I'm just a common laborer in the trucking industry. I fancy myself as a poet-songwriter. I'm a former football player and coach. Kind of like - Joe, the plumber.

I've been trying to put together a set of questions that will help people to hone in on human rights issues from a core perspective. I must admit to you that I think that most people have it wrong. They start with a fuzzy base and build up on a screwed up core so they miss it.

If you can leave your self-righteous platform and come onto my self-righteous platform for a moment; if you have a quiet corner and a few minutes, please, let's experiment.

Please take a look at the following questions sequentially and think carefully about them. Please read questions one by one with a thinking pause and approach them singly, first to last.

1. Are your human civil rights inherent to your individuality or are they granted to you by an outside agency?

2. If your human rights lack an inherent quality and are solely granted to you by an outside agency, what keeps you from being a puppet of the state?

3. If your human rights are inherent to your individuality, when does your individuality begin?

4. Did your individual life process begin when your individual DNA footprint came into being?

Input welcomed.