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The Word "Nigger" and the Word "Marriage"

I am not supposed to use the word nigger. I accept and respect that. I accept the fact that some people supposedly can. I am not supposed to hang a swastika on my wall even if I happened to like the art design. (not really) I accept and respect that. Strong visceral and gut reaction to the connotations of certain designs is part of the human condition. So I can accept the fact that some folks may have a strong negative visceral gut reaction to the design of the flag of this country or any country or organization.

I am not supposed to play Dixie over the loud speaker before a Duke Football game. I accept and respect that. Even though I may like the song. (not particularly)

The word marriage also has fallen into a vague connotatively sensitive category. There are tons of people telling me exactly what the word marriage means, and it's just a fucking word that has a thousand meanings. Let's just take the word marriage out of civil discussions. I can accept that.

I can accept the fact that American Indians, Germans and lots of other folks are sensitive to their media portrayal.

Some sensitive folks may totally misunderstand this entire missive. I can accept that. This fresh thought is developing and may get me into trouble. I better stop. I can accept that.

If I was God, and if God is love, I probably wouldn't give a shit about your fucking words and symbols. If there is no God, it wouldn't matter anyway. If I was God, I would care about how an individual treats another individual, however.