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Periodically, in the course of human events, new perceptions come along that radically shift our understandings of the universe. Such was the realization that the earth revolves around the sun. In historic terms, this realization dramatically affected most human institutions. While changing philosophy, religion and science, this thought made its way into politics, government and the social structures that we use to regulate our existence.

Valid new perceptions take their time to be incorporated into the general think-tank. We chew on them, we debate them, we resist them, and we adjust them. Eventually, we stubbornly accept their validity in some form. We earthlings chew on a new thought before it completely takes root. We are still regurgitating Darwin's Theory of Evolution for instance.


You will be privy here to a new perception that will radically change all things. It will take its time, but it will run its course and be incorporated. It's another idea like “the earth revolves around the sun" -  it just is. If you know some neuro-scientists, share this essay with them. They may thank you profusely. Some neuropsychologist may run with this idea to the tune of millions. Some jounalist may run with it and scoop the news-world. Some government may run with it and take a huge step ahead.


Here goes:

1. Love exists.

2. In neurological terms, love is a direct result of the advanced evolutionary development of the interplay between certain neo-cortical mechanisms and the stimulation variation drive regulated by the activity of certain brainstem structures.

3. Love is an attractive force existing between individuals when a dynamic interplay of Alpha and Beta states in the brain creates a shifting and pleasant equilibrium that results in attraction to the source of pleasure.

4. Alpha is reached between individuals as a result of comfort, trust and truth. Beta comes into play when the stimulation variation drive is triggered by creative input from individuals, thus creating an attractive force between the individuals.

This force, highly evolved in the human species, is what we have come to call “love."

The above information defines the neuro-biological mechanism that Abraham Maslow was searching for while unfolding theories of “hierarchy of need."


“Our duty is clear here. We must understand love; we must be able to teach it, to create it, to predict it, or else the world is lost to hostility and to suspicion."  --- Abraham Maslow