JMH Dull Productions

the mouth of the universe

Space travelers came upon a mouth. They realized that this, indeed, was the mouth of the entire universe - that the entire universe was one infinite living being with a mouth. And INDEED, they had discovered the very mouth of the universe!

The mouth shared knowledge of its whole living universal self, and we realized that if one were to listen to the utterances coming forth from the mouth of the universe, eventually in infinite time, one would discover all the secrets of the universal being.

Gradually the mouth began to protrude more and more. It took on a head, and arms and legs, eyes, nose and ears and began to move about.

We are all traveling in space every day. We are all the mouths and eyes and ears of the universe. We were already in the big bang when it happened.

This is a universe at work. Cosmic dust does such things. "From dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return."