JMH Dull Productions


Out of curiosity, a billionaire hosted a contest.

Ten couples were recruited. The objective of the contest was to reward the couple who could successfully undertake the most abortions in a 3 year period which resulted from that particular couple's viable conjugal insemination.

Rules of the contest:

1. Couples are secluded under camera surveillance 24/7 for the 3 year period.They receive all the necessities of life free of charge.

2. Fetuses must be the result of a viable conjugal insemination by the couple as deemed by contest directors using camera evidence.

3. A fetus had to be medically deemed at least one month old by contest doctors

4. Abortions had to be performed professionally by contest doctors

5. For each successful abortion a couple would receive a $1000 prize.

6. At the end of 3 years, the couple who had successfully provided abortions of the most fetuses received a three million dollar grand prize as deemed by contest directors

7. DNA evidence was to be gathered from each fetus to undeniably prove that the fetus was actually a result of the particular couple's conjugal insemination.

Riddle: 1. Was the billionaire a man, a woman or an hermaphrodite?

2. What was the winning number of abortions?

3. If you had a good chance of winning, would you participate in this contest?