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ooga booga thinking

Picture cave people sitting in a circle. An  explosive clap of thunder deafens the shared consciousness. “OOGA-BOOGA!” they jump and exclaim. Then someone utters “Zeus!”, and Zeus is born. And we accept Zeus as the origin of thunder and the origin of other aspects of a shared consciousness.

Ooga-booga type thinking is the basis for a significant percentage of our dearly accepted tenets of daily life. Quick answers give us the security we need to proceed with the mundane. We are all ooga-booga thinkers.

How do you fight ooga-booga thinking? Do you want to fight ooga-booga thinking? We are all subject to its power and influence.

Dull Music pledges to fight ooga-booga – to somehow attempt to root it out of personal consciousness. This journey will be shared with you through fresh thoughts, songs, commentaries, concerts. The quest may place us, at times, on a fragile platform of perceived arrogance. It is necessary to take on the status quo.

Please share your own fight with us. You could write to us in the guestbook menu or by e-mail.

Happy New Year! May your journey be full of excitement and inspiration. If you must encounter them, may the potholes in the road be few and manageable.

Ooga-booga! ---------- please scroll for fresh thoughts