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Official Recruitment Site - Universal Non-Violent Army

This is an official recruitment site for the universal non-violent army. The universal non-violent army is free and open. There are zero restrictions on age, sex, sexual orientation, race, and nationality. It is unnecessary to register.


We appear where and when needed. We declare victory over the world and its universe.


We hold these truths to be self evident: 1. That all humans deserve life, liberty, dignity, and the right to pursue happiness.

2. That all life is worth protecting: that when a man lays down his life for his friend there is no greater love than this.

3. That non-violent principles of societal power exist in the universe.

4. That neurological scientific understanding of agape love will dramatically shift societal structure, and social definitions will be revolutionized and re-worked. This, as a function of the universe, will happen.

5. That our soldiers' individual's mortal life process begins when that soldier's DNA footprint comes into being. And that an individual's mortal life process ends with death.


We choose to protect and preserve life with the non-violent means which have been propagated and summarily defined by unique predecessors throughout the course of human history. We are prepared to die for life principles -  in this preparation, lies universal power and strength.

We know that non-violent means are the only means to universally defeat violence, injustice and suppression. We honor the ways of our non-violent predecessors. We reject violence as a means of social re-organization. The universal non-violent army, thus, declares victory over death and violence.


The universal non-violent army is structured under non-violent principles of power. We acknowledge the many that have espoused and utilized these principles and there are those who have died protecting their right to espouse and exercise them.

The universal non-violent army employs the principles they exemplified as an extension of their work. Our manifesto is universally contained and expressed in terms of Agape love, and we understand that the noticeable expression of agape love in universal terms is self sacrifice. We will conquer war. Those who fight us will find it impossible to win.