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Madoff Made off! (below the commentary is a song about the Madoff fiasco)

COMMENTARY: There have been some public statements to the effect that Bernie Madoff does not represent the Jewish race. Let's take that universal truth a step further. Albert Einstein doesn't represent us. Jesus Christ doesn't represent us. George Bush, Fidel Castro and Barak Obama don't represent us. Mother Teresa doesn't represent us. Adolf Hitler doesn't represent us. Dorothy Day and Abraham Lincoln don't represent us. Soldiers who kill innocent people don't represent us. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King don't represent us. Carol Doda and Madam Albright do not represent us. Madame Curie doesn't represent us.

As our world becomes more and more homogenous, we will realize that each of us represent the good and/or the evil that we personally create. We will become more and more free and courageous, with less need to hide behind heritage or label.


CHORUS: Madoff made off with lots of folks money.

50 billion  OH! 

Quite a hunk of honey!

In matters financial, an energizer bunny,

Madoff made off with lots of folks money.

VERSE: My value is tied up in bundles of paper

That drastically dwindled - a slanderous caper!

Swindled by Bernie, that mover and shaker!

Plundered by oh such a treacherous faker?!

(sing chorus)


Ruined, aghast, with this new situation

So swift was the shift in my status and station

Gone days of joy and financial elation

Embarrassed and scorned, oh the sheer degradation!

(sing chorus)

VERSE: Good t'would be this Bernie in all tar and feathers!

For stealing my dignity, value and treasures

To skin him, and hang him would be oh such pleasure!

Too civil would be all these dastardly measures!

(sing chorus)

©2008 John Dull