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fresh thought - when does life begin?

“We acknowledge the possibility that life begins at conception.

Comment: This is an amoral statement based on what, we think, is a logical progression of thought. If you are incensed, please leave this thought alone. If you would allow us to share the logic of the statement, please read on.

1. When your mother's egg joined your father's sperm, a new single cell came to be. (fact)

2. That cell was a human cell. It was not an elephant cell. It was not a salamander cell. It was not a horse cell. It was a human cell. (fact)

3. In that cell was encrypted information that was not your neighbor's information, it was not your sister or brother's information, it was not anyone else's information. This was not an elephant cell. This cell had your information encrypted in it. (fact)

4. If that cell had been eliminated, your life would have been eliminated. (fact)

5. In that cell was encrypted your eye color, your height, your skin color, your sex. There were factors that encrypted the longevity of your life, your personality traits, your health. Statisticians could probably make an argument that this was a one -time event.

“We acknowledge the possibility that life may begin at conception."

If you want to moralize the above statement, go ahead. The statement in itself is like “a rose is a rose is a rose." It just is.

If you must have a discussion about this, we suggest you take it up with Mother Theresa, Gloria Steinham, the Dalai Lama, Joe Biden , John McCain and Sean Penn. All may have an opinion on it.