JMH Dull Productions

fresh thought - public budgets

There could be a standard analytical and organizable template for all governmental accounts, and budgets could be placed on the internet for public scrutiny. This would serve many purposes as an inherent part of the democratic process.

1. It would make us a truly open society where public servants were held accountable for their work and could be evaluated openly by the people who elect (hire) them.

2. It would provide material for acccounting courses. Colleges/high schools could use the templates to audit public offices as part of their course work.

3. It would open public accounts to the media for similar purposes. Graft, in this way, could be kept to a minimum.

The universal templates could be designed in such terminology and code that all expenses and income could be immediately understood and analyzed by the public. This could get us closer to a the democracy "of the people, by the people."