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In this entire universe there are only two types of people: good people and shitheads.

These two categories supersede all our other categories, whether those categories be race, creed, national origin, political bent, gender, sexual orientation, religion, profession, etc.

This essay will attempt to shed light on this topic, the truth of which we probably all know instinctually. Our subconscious mind preaches this truth to us throughout our lives. It becomes evident when we see little children cozy up to certain individuals without parameters of prejudice or long years of life experience and taught categorization.

Shades of gray confuse the subject: all of us are neither completely good, nor are any of us complete shitheads. There is a spectrum that we can overlay on the discussion that may help us to communicate about it. We all know our saints, 10's on the spectrum. Zeroes on the spectrum have been vilified throughout history.

Definitions can serve to launch discussion toward an understanding of this, a universal matter. Here goes. A shithead is someone who defines you through their personal agenda. They fail to see who you are as a person. A good person, on the other hand, sees you for who you truly are, with all your needs, wants and humanness. A good person's communication with you is sincere and relevant to whom you really are. A shithead's communication with you is an attempt to manipulate you into being someone that fulfills that shithead's needs and wants. Vastly oversimplified, this definition serves the purpose of widening the discussion.

As the world gets smaller, this topic will take on more relevance. We will start to realize that in wars, debates, categories, philosophical differences, etc. we are often pitting the good against the good, protecting the shitheads of the world with mass definitions of agenda.

We will also realize that love between two good people is of a spiritual nature and that sexual communication between good people is on a different plane. When this is understood, our sexual nature will drive us into an exploration of the topic of goodness.

When we understand that a love experience between 2 good people is on a different plane than a strictly physical experience, we will all want to become truly good people: it has its earthly rewards.

This whole topic will be defined neurologically at some point in the future. The naysayers will realize that there is tangible evidence of this supposition, and this will change our world significantly.

(This essay was written by a shithead.)