JMH Dull Productions


A series of essays/letters about the regional environment written by Dull Music have been published by the media over the past few years.


In the near future, these articles will be available on this site, when we figure out where and how to place them. Keep posted.


Dull Music makes its home in Rutherford, NJ, a beautiful town in the middle of a heavily debated environmental area.


Blue collar and white collar folks that have lived here for years and years are faced with the problem of predatory developers fueled by corruption who would devastate the last vestige of open space that we enjoy - the north Jersey Meadowlands. They would bring us traffic, pollution, cancer, increased crime, loss of quality of life, etc.


The 2 major developments that forces are attempting to push on locals are a mega-mall called Xanadu and a lavish sub-lot of townhouses and playlands called Encap, built over now toxic dumping grounds. (since the writing of this essay, Encap has failed with documented corruption that cost tax-payers over $150,000,000.)


These Meadows promise to be an incredibly resource-full ENVIRONMENTALLY PRESERVED PARK OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC when remediated. They host bald eagles, countless species of birds, fish and wildlife.


Media documentation shows that already $128,000,000 of taxpayer money has been stolen by graft from the pockets of those without a voice strong enough to fight the corruption of developing plans.


Most public officials stand by silent - a few are brave enough to voice dissent.


Dull Music coined new names for developers' ideas: - "Xana-doo-doo" and "Encrap"