JMH Dull Productions

dullmusic requests legal help

Dullmusic asks philosophical questions. Because of lack of legal knowledge, dullmusic can sometimes answer its questions philosophically while it fails to answer them legally.

Here are some legal questions that dullmusic lacks the legal knowledge to be able to answer. Perhaps you could help. 1. Does a hospital have a legal responsibility to provide a death certificate for every death that occurs within its walls?

2. If a person who is being sped to a hospital is perhaps dead or not, but arrives in the emergency room and death has occured at some time within its walls or not, is the hospital legally responsible to produce a death certificate?

3. Do family members and extended family members have the legal right to request copies of, or request inspection of, the death certificate of a family member?

Perhaps you could pull us aside at a concert and let us know the answers to these legal questions if you have the legal knowledge to do so. Thanks.