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Manipulative dictator types foam at the mouth when faced with the opportunity to rev up a bunch of non-rational folks. When you mix agenda with emotion and add a dash of ignorance, a fine-tuned “stupid-machine" starts cranking - and once energized it has devastating potential.

Such is the fate shared by creationists and intelligent designers  - folks who have manipulated logic to achieve congruency with a belief system. We all know the famous story of the pseudo-thinkers who refused to allow us to acknowledge that the earth revolves around the sun.

Along with the creationists, clump in the "DNA de-bunkers" - those who fail to acknowledge that an individual's life process begins when that individual's DNA footprint comes into being. For crap sakes, the DNA footprint is sacrosanct as an identifier of individuality. We use it as indisputable evidence in cases of execution. At least we could afford the courtesy of acknowledging that an individual's life process begins when their individual DNA footprint comes into being. There's DNA evidence for that. The next thing out of the de-bunkers' mouths will be that some mystical hokey-pokey comes out of the sky and infuses with DNA at some point in the growth process, and “poof!" that's when life begins. Get a brain, man.

The scary thing is that many creationists, intelligent designers and DNA de-bunkers have some power. Allow a society to plunge itself into the Dark Ages by manipulating logic and a rational scientific thought process and anything becomes permissible. History is full of sad stories.

It's high time that the non-rational self-adjust or remove themselves from the table. You'd figure by now they'd be embarrassed to admit their position and stay there.

A brilliant satirical comment on sad thinking methodologies came from Bobby Henderson in 2005 in protest to the Kansas State Board of Education's decision to require the teaching of intelligent design as an alternative to biological evolution in public school curriculums. We highly recommend it.