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The Finger and Defarge

The Finger and Defarge
There is a finger rising on the skyline.
Is it yours or mine,
Or some rubber ducky's in a marble tub
Rubbing green into our face?
Widening the space
of fabricated creed and race
with caviar and dainty lace.
 A darkening shadow looms in space
A frightening chill falls on this place
Where nature's green had once erased
Our senseless wants and frantic pace.
And Defarge has made her case ---
with self important smiling grace
She hides in shadowed thoughts so base
In wait will pounce, cut,  curtained lace.
Yes blood will ooze from this disgrace
For peasants toil that bears no face
Will taste the finger's blood in haste.
C 2014 John Dull
PASTE IN BROWSER - reference:

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