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dearest prince

dearest prince
Dearest Prince –
Since you feel
You can kill at will
And dismember those who fail to kneel,
We will mince no words,
And we will kill with pen.
Your mouth is full of turds.
Your lineage absurd.
Free flying birds
                    will shit on your head.
In your slime and scum,
The dead will drag you down,
Where you will drown in flatulent opulence.
What you have done makes no sense.
Hence, with every breath
You will die a death of
Disgrace and dishonor
To your heritage.
You will feel the widening wedge:
Slave; free; lunacy.
And should you see
Some sense of remorse -
Of course
          you must kneel
                              and beg
                                   for forgiveness.

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