JMH Dull Productions

WHAT: concert - "The Arts Meet Neuroscience - Perspectives on Transcendence" - concert with power point
WHEN: Sunday, Nov. 19 ----  1-2 pm
WHERE:  Fordham University,  113 W 60th St, NYC - Hall 1018
TICKETS:  free of charge; register at (paste in browser):

NOTES: come early - parking is on street and in paid lots
THEME:  Promoting Social Justice Locally and Globally

The Fordham Series continues on Sunday, Nov 19, 2017  at 1pm. Martin and John will give a concert presentation to the Manhattan Psychological Association entitled: "The Arts Meet Neuroscience - Perspectives on Transcendence."

You are invited to attend the 1 hour presentation free of charge.

The mixture of song, visual art and power-point discusses developments in the study of brain states and transcendence and the role these findings will play in future society.
The duo's artistic perspectives are compelling for lay persons who have interest in the power of song and visual art and for psychologists studying advanced mental states.
Fordham University has sponsored this series of concerts in cooperation with their Psychology Department and with the support of their Music and Art Dept's. Fordham has been highly promotive, expressing their belief in the value, of the "Neuro-Concert" concept. The University has hosted 5 Neuro-Concert presentations to date. Below is info regarding the upcoming November 19, 2017, event - the 6th concert in the Fordham Series.
You are welcome to join us free of charge on November 19. Mention at the entrance that you are guests of Martin and John Dull.
For general information regarding Neuro-Concerts, please open the Neuro-Concerts menu (above left). It will give you an idea of our upcoming November 19 Fordham presentation.
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Event: Neuro-Concert - 19 November 2017, Sunday at 1-2:00 pm
Presented by: Martin and John Dull
Moderator:  Professor David Malcolm, Ph.D.
Where: Fordham University, 113 West 60 Street (+9 Ave), room 1018
What to expect:  A musical presentation with power-point and discussion - shedding light on fine arts and song - vehicles for sharing transcendent experience
Entrance:  free of charge for guests of John and Martin Dull - mention this at the door of room 1018. Print out this page as your entrance receipt.
Please be very cognizant of parking time if you are taking a vehicle to the city