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summary of the battle of Xanadu: for those with environmental concern

This part of the website will most interest environmentalists; folks from South Bergen County NJ;  and those interested in power struggles. Comments are not in date order. It is a collection of essays; newspaper articles; humor; poems; videos; and statements: all clarifying a proposed mega-mall project, formerly coined by developers as "Xanadu" now renamed "American Dream." Several professional websites are referred to for further information; scientific and technical items; and data. Information here can be heavy - you should probably have an interest before you dig in. On the lighterr side of thinking is our "Fresh Thoughts" menu - in the menu options to left of website. Give it a shot.

ENTRIES ARE NOT IN DATE ORDER : Join us in our peaceful protest.

For 15 years, the citizens of South Bergen County, NJ have been facing the threat of construction of one of the world's biggest malls, built on a sprawling environmentally sensitive wetland area known as the NJ Meadowlands.

In recent years, environmentalists have beeen successful in creating a few beautiuful wetland parks in the area. Bald Eagles have returned to the area, fish have re-populated the rivers and outdoors folks have found the area to be an incredible sanctuary for hiking, canoeing, rafting and boating.

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