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1/   Xanadu is being constructed on a flood plain. NASA predicts water levels will rise significantly on these plains over the next several years. Who pays for flood mitigation when the waters rise on Xanadu?

2/  Have those who were sold bonds supporting the continued construction of Xanadu been legally informed that Xanadu is being constructed on a flood plain?

3/  a/  Traffic studies indicate that the roads surrounding Xanadu will not be adequate to handle the increased traffic that the mega-mall will bring.

b/  The company that is building Xanadu received significant terror threats targeting a mega-mall in Minnesota owned by that company.

c/  Has Homeland Security given the go-ahead to build a mega-mall on the front-line of NYC - a primary target?

d/  Roads surrounding Xanadu are some of the most heavily traveled roads in the U.S.

What would grid-lock mean for evacuation?

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