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in the name of jobs


Dear Editor - Post World War Two industrialists gave lots of folks in our area jobs. While doing so, they dumped mega-tons of chemicals into our rivers and tarnished our waterways for decades still to come. The towns in our area are seldom called "river-towns" because two of the most polluted rivers in the country border them - chemical laden and dangerous.

Now, in the name of "jobs" and progress, the new industrialists would build a structure which would boast the largest carbon footprint in the state of NJ in the middle of this slow-mending environmental wasteland. They, like the industrialists of old, promise a boost to our welfare.

Our children will pay the price of that poison and lack of foresight just as we pay the price now for the polluted rivers gifted by our predecessors. If construction of the Xanadu/American Dream mega-mall is permitted to continue, those public servants that decide in its favor will bear the same legacy as the industrialist polluters of yesteryear.

It is our responsibility to teach our children well, demonstrating that we have learned from past errors of judgment. Helen and John Dull - Rutherford, NJ


The "XANA-DOO-DOO/ AMERICAN NIGHTMARE" peaceful protest continues into its 6th month.

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