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"If you see something, say something"

Dear Editor:

 “If you see something, say something.”
This may not be as obvious as an unattended purse on a bus or train, but this is what we are seeing and saying in regards to our Meadowlands:
1. Two recent bridge accidents on the Route 3 corridor affected traffic significantly. With a bit more force, a bridge accident could shut down one    
     of the major response and evacuation paths in the metro area.
2. Events at the Meadowlands Complex and yearly holiday rush can snarl traffic flow in this area.
3. Highly flammable fuel tanker trains travel through this area at night.
4. A dated train bridge in this area is the major conduit for rail traffic from Boston to D.C. and beyond.
5. Googling recent hazmat incidents involving trucks, trains and facilities in this area gives one an eyeful.
6. The international ports that we host cannot keep up with the demand to adequately inspect thousands of imported containers for dangerous and  
      illegal materials.
7. Laser attacks have been on the rise, and this area host several airports.
8. Now that mega-malls have become internationally publicized targets for fanatics, we are considering plopping one of the biggest malls in the
      U.S. right in the middle of this toxic brew.
Where are our Homeland Security strategists? Who is giving the green light on this master plan for the meadows? Who is figuring evacuation strategies for one of the most heavily populated areas in the U.S.?
A simple diversion tactic at Xanadu would soften security at hundreds of significant targets in this area. Who are the bureaucrats signing off on this mess? How thin can we spread ourselves?
The above may not be as obvious as an unattended purse on a bus or train, but this is what we are seeing and saying.
Who has in mind the secure welfare and quality of life of the citizens who have maintained this area for decades?
What do you see?
Helen and John Dull
Rutherford, NJ

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