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construction workers, jobs and xanadu

construction workers
Peaceful demonstration comment - construction workers

Some proponents of Xana-doo-doo / American Nightmare use this logic: "Xanadu will create thousands of construction jobs for workers."

Our answer is this:

1. We have great respect for skilled workers who labor diligently at impressive goals. They are normally very tough people who clock in and deserve hard-earned pay for their skilled efforts.

2. Some of these workers, out of fear, tend to wimp out and become impotent slaves to projects that will ultimately   hurt their children. They give in to the pressures of the bosses.

3. Others, courageous,  will opt for the high road for the common good. They will understand that, in the case of Xanadu, the "ideal" in question here is of greater importance than the short term gratification of work on a bad project.

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